E-learning: An effective solution to break the barrier of time and space



Mar 04, 2020

E-learning: An effective solution to break the barrier of time and space

Mar 04, 2020

With the development of technology, universities’ online education programs have become an alternative bringing advantages and effectiveness in studying.

For enhancing supplement knowledge and fostering professional competence, learners prefer studying programs that ensure not only quality but also accessibility and flexibility in terms of time and space.

Thanks to its strengths, eLearning has proved its effectiveness to working people and met their need of learning and enhancing knowledge. With personalized studying schedules, learners can manage their time to catch up with their learning and remain their work-life balance. Additionally, students can actively choose where and when to study, which helps them save time and money. Especially, comparing to conventional classrooms, eLearning is the best option when it comes to inconvenient circumstances such as pandemics, poor weather conditions, geographical distance …

According to Ms. Phuong Anh – economic-law-majored student of the Online Bachelor’s Program – HCMC Open University, “Studying online doesn’t take much time, 3-4 hours per week are enough. Besides, I can study anytime and anywhere. This is very convenient when the weather is bad conditions. Hence, I can easily balance my work, study and life while enriching my knowledge and skills”.

Recognizing the big role and benefits of eLearning in era 4.0, many universities have promoted research and development on online education programs as well as applied advanced technology to offer their students the opportunity of reaching knowledge without time and space barrier and achieving their working dream in this global competitive environment. Besides thousands of students living in Vietnam, many Vietnamese from Japan, Singapore, Hungary, and Malaysia are taking these online courses.

Ms. Nga, working in Japan while studying online bachelor’ program, shared her thought: “Busy working and taking care of my two children, yet I wanted to obtain an English Language Degree for my career and a better life oversea. It was impossible to go to school to achieve my dream due to being busy and living in Japan. After researching and taking online courses of HCMC Open University, even at the very beginning, I found it helpful and convenient for I could save time for studying and travelling to school as well as had my own studying schedule.”

Ho Chi Minh City Open University is one the first two universities implementing distance education programs in Vietnam and then, online education programs (since October 2016). With more than 3 years of operation, the online bachelors’ program has welcomed more than 3,300 students.

HCMCOU is offering 9 majors: Law, Economic Law, English Language, Finance-Banking, Human Resource Management, Business Administration, International Business, Accounting and Auditing. By the end of year 2020, the program will launch a new major, i.e Marketing. Besides, the university has opened online short-termed courses including Preparation for TOEIC 550+ and Preparation for TOPIK 1. In the year, free and online short-termed courses (MOOCs) will be also future to help HCMC Open University contribute to the development of a learning society in Vietnam.

Source: VOH

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