The Online Bachelor’s Degree Program in Marketing


Students major in Marketing are equipped with the necessary abilities for planning, implementing, and evaluating the marketing activities of organizations, enterprises; advertising, creative and communication agencies to the goals with the highest efficiency. In these organizations, students could meet all requirements of different positions such as business/sales, marketing, brand or customer management, communication, content creation depending on their experiences, interests, or the demands of the companies.

The Marketing program of Ho Chi Minh City Open University provides foundation knowledge relevant to economic, administration as well as specialized knowledge and skills in marketing to adapt to the changes in the business environment and gain promotion for personal purposes. The studying program is designed to help students approach careers earlier right in the learning process, as well as enable them to apply for higher positions after graduation.



Associated with Career

The demand for marketing human resources in organizations and enterprises is increasing when the business environment has changed rapidly, especially the development of information and communication technology (ICT). The organizations and enterprises require marketing employees who are not only specialized in marketing and communication in business/sales companies but also content creation in advertisement and communication agencies. The training program is divided into professional certificates, with which to help students start their jobs early and gradually develop their abilities. Right after the first three semesters, students will possess sufficient knowledge and skills to begin their careers as administrators. After eight semesters (about 2.5 years), students will be able to become a professional marketing manager. In the last three semesters, students can acquire basic knowledge through general courses so that they can be granted a bachelor’s degree in marketing. For students who graduated from another university or working as administrators can shorten their study time by exempting some additional courses.

Practical curriculum

The lectures are presented concisely in theory with practical illustrations in the marketing field. Besides, students have to attend classes once a semester on Saturdays or Sundays to exchange ideas with corporation specialists to improve essential skills such as communication, planning, sales, content creation, etc.

Supportive lecturers and officers

Lecturers in charge of the course will keep track of the learning process of each student. Students could exchange ideas with each other and with teachers via a forum in the online learning portal and through email of the university. Technical problems are consulted through the University's consulting switchboard.

Flexible ways of learning and foster student-centered learning

More than 90% of the study program is delivered directly via the Internet. Therefore, students need to get access to video lectures and study materials and do homework anywhere, anytime with desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones with Internet connection. Additionally, students can download and watch lectures on devices without an Internet connection by slide and scripts.

Nationally Accredited Degree

The Online Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing is recognized value by the Ministry of Education and Training, and students can apply for postgraduate programs.

Reasonable tuition

The average tuition is 480,000/credit and is paid each semester according to the number of courses registered. Students are provided with materials and access to free-of-charge learning resources.


The online Bachelor of Marketing training program covers all knowledge equivalent to that of a full-time undergraduate program but related to career orientation. Students will complete their professional certificates to catch job opportunities at the earliest time. General knowledge is accumulated at the same time or later, enabling students to broaden their understanding of the current context to develop great thinking.

The entire program consists of 42 subjects with 106 credits (excluding foreign language and informatics), implemented in 10 semesters with usual learning speed. Students can learn slower or faster but have to ensure the required frame in the following order:

Study Skills (before starting the program)
Certificate of Basic Management
Certificate of Marketing Expert
Certificate of Marketing Manager



Provide necessary skills to help students master the process of learning, become proficient in using information technology for learning, promote personal development and career.
1. Study Skills


This certificate ensures the professional abilities of administrators in office management, production, supply, sales, and personnel department of an enterprise or organization. The employees at this level can accomplish their jobs according to their understanding of job purposes, and their capabilities to apply accurate knowledge and skills. Besides, They can assist their managers to write reports related to business affairs, administration, and production.
2. Principles of Management
3. Principles of Marketing
4. Business Communication
5. Business Statistics
6. Finance management
7. Human Resource Management
8. Sales Management
9. Project Management
10. Quantitative Analysis in Management
11. Value of life 1
12. Value of life 2
13. Business Project 1


This certificate ensures the professional abilities of marketing experts in business/sales, promotion, brand, communication departments. Students at this level can make a plan and deploy marketing activities such as researching market demand and customer behaviors, writing marketing plans, executing the campaigns of promotion, PR, e-commerce, digital marketing, etc. They also acquire basic knowledge about services marketing and supply chain management.
14. Marketing Management
15. Integrated Marketing Communication
16. E-Commerce
17. Supply Chain Management
18. Public Relations
19. Digital marketing
20. Consumer Behavior
21. Marketing Research
22. Services Marketing
23. Self-management Skills
24. Career Management Skills
25. Business Project 2


This certificate ensures the professional abilities of marketing managers in the international business environment of organizations/enterprises. Through this semester, students gain a deeper insight into the whole business, the strategic level, the international market, and the stable development of the relationships between the organizations and stakeholders. They can innovate and create new products, services as well as build, develop the brand of an organization.
26. Strategic Management
27. New Product Development
28. Brand Management
29. Marketing Strategy
30. International Marketing
31. Corporate Social Responsibility
32. Life-Work Balance Skills
33. Business Project 3


This course provides knowledge about the economic, social, and legal environment that affects enterprise activities. After students complete this certificate program:
• They are equipped with the necessary capacity to identify and analyze the effects of these factors on enterprise activities.
• Besides, they can learn general principles to modify determinations and behaviors in the environmental changes as a role of a manager.
34. Microeconomics
35. Macroeconomics
36. Introduction to Laws
37. Humans and Environment


After having received all the certificates mentioned above, students will have to study other required courses to grant a Bachelor's degree in Marketing. These modified courses are compulsory in the bachelor's degree program, including politics, information technology, and a foreign language. Instead of having to study a foreign language and information technology, students can replace them by submitting equivalent certificates.
38. Philosophy of Marxism and Leninism
39. Political Economics of Marxism and Leninism
40. Scientific Socialism
41. Ho Chi Minh’s Ideology
42. History of the Communist Party of Vietnam


Yêu cầu đầu vào

In order to be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, learners must meet the entry requirements as follows:
  + Graduated from high school or equivalent according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training
  + Graduated from a college of Marketing or graduated from a different university if you want to have some subjects exempted.

Information technology requirements

90% of learning content is delivered to students by lecturers via devices with an Internet connection.
- Desktop/Laptop
- Students can acquire a majority of learning content on mobile devices, but doing some homework may require using a desktop or laptop.
- Stable internet connection