Established in 2016, the Ho Chi Minh City Open University’s Online Training Center is proud to be one of the pioneers in providing online training programs in Vietnam. CSV ELO Club (stood for The Online Training Program Alumni Club) has a mission to create a close connection between generations of students. Then, the club is committed to providing the highest quality for learners. CSV ELO’s primary function is to facilitate the connection between alumni and alumni, alumni and students currently studying at the school to organize their events.


Being a member of the CVS ELO Club, you will have the opportunity to connect with more than 7000+ online training students who are studying. Moreover, you can participate in various activities and have preferential tuition fees while continuing to learn at the school to promote your development and career.

  1. Discount on tuition and service fees

Members will receive a 30% tuition subsidy from the university when they continue to register for another major of the bachelor’s degree program in the online distance learning program.

  1. Alumni Engagement
  • ELO’s alumni can join the alumni network to have the opportunity to introduce and share information.
  • Also, members have had the conditions for connection, conversation, meeting, and helping each other. Therefore, developing the solidarity among different courses, faculties, and training systems’ students who have been and are studying at the Open University of Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Members who make contributions to the development of the ELO’s Alumni Club of the University are recommended and rewarded by the Coordinating Committee.
  • Update: Members have received ELO Alumni Newsletter by e-mail about alumni’s activities, programs, events that have been, are happening, or are taking place at university, job news, recruitment, and other information.